Mottley Kitchen 2018 Summer Menu


Breakfast CUPS

Overnight Oats (v) – $6
Rolled gluten free oats, house turmeric spice blend, blackberries, macadamia nut milk and nut butter sweetened with agave.

Yogurt and Granola – $8
Whole milk yogurt, house-made turmeric ginger granola, berries and honey.



Butter and jam – $3
Grilled sourdough toast with butter and house-made jam.

Hummus (v) – $6
Grilled sourdough toast with house-made hummus and crunchy chickpeas.

Avocado (v) – $7
Grilled sourdough toast with smashed avocado, sunflower seeds, watermelon radish, Gerardo's house-made salsa verde and cilantro

Almond Butter (v) – $9
Grilled sourdough toast topped with house-made almond butter, berries and cacao nibs


Egg sandwiches

The Simple – $4.5
Two over easy eggs with white cheddar cheese.

The Classic – $6
Two over easy eggs, thick-cut bacon, white cheddar and mild pimento pepper cheese.

Rancheros – $7
Two over easy eggs, sliced avocado, black bean spread, white cheddar and Gerardo's house-made salsa verde.

Nor'easter – $10
Two over easy eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese, shallots, capers and fresh dill.



Green Goddess (vt) – $10
Arugula, daily grain, feta cheese and avocado topped with crunch chickpeas, pistachio, parsley and herb buttermilk dressing.

Hummus and Daily Vegetable (v) – $10
Arugula and daily grain salad served in a hummus-smeared bowl topped with roasted daily vegetable, crunchy chickpeas, pistachios, parsley, black sesame seeds and lemon vinaigrette.

Berry Salad (vt) – $11
Spinach and berry salad topped with house-made turmeric ginger granola, dill goat cheese, candied pecans and lemon vinaigrette.

Spinach Artichoke – $12
Spinach tossed in lemon vinaigrette with feta cheese, grilled chicken, artichoke, croutons, shallot, topped with herb buttermilk dressing and fresh oregano.



Sweet & Spicy Chicken Club – $10
Grilled chicken, bacon, white cheddar cheese topped with arugula tossed in hot honey and sriracha mayo.

Seared Steak – $10
Seared daily cut of steak with mild pimento pepper cheese spread and apple slaw.


seasonal soups

Soup of the day – $6
Freshly made soup from in-season locally sourced ingredients.


(v) – vegan
(vt) – vegetarian

DAILY Pastries

Everything is baked in house. Availability changes daily.

Buttermilk biscuit –$3.5
Cheddar and herb biscuit –$3.5
Blueberry corn loaf –$3.5
Chocolate buckwheat loaf –$3.5
Lemon olive oil loaf –$3.5
Daily bread pudding –$3.5
Maple glazed cruller donuts –$3.5
Gluten-free almond cake –$4
Monster chocolate chip cookies –$4
Dark fudge brownies –$4
Mini cookies/brownies – $1.25



Vanilla Bean Latte (12oz/16oz) – $4/4.5
Vietnamese Iced Coffee (12oz/16oz) – $4/4.5

Drip (8oz/12oz/16oz) – $2/2.25/2.5
Americano (12oz) – $3.25
Cappuccino (8oz) – $3.5
Latte (12oz/16oz) – $4/4.5
Mocha (8oz/12oz) – $4.5/5
Cortado (8oz) – $3.25
Double Espresso (4oz) – $2.5
Cold Brew (12oz/16oz) – $4/4.5
Iced Latte (12oz/16oz) – $4/4.5
Iced Mocha (12oz/16oz) – $4.5/5

Extra shot – $1.5



Turmeric Latte (8oz/12oz/16oz) – $3/4.5/5
Matcha Latte (8oz/12oz/16oz) – $3/4.5/5
Chai Latte (8oz/12oz/16oz) – $3/4.5/5
English breakfast – $2.5
Earl grey strong – $2.5
Mao feng green – $2.5
Super fruit – $2.5
Rooibos – $2.5
Iced Turmeric Chai (12oz/16oz) – $4.5/5
Iced Matcha Latte (12oz/16oz) – $4.5/5



Hot chocolate (8oz/12oz/16oz) – $2/3/4
Steamed milk (8oz/12oz/16oz) – $2/2.5/3
Rotating selection of sodas and juices – $2-2.5


our partners

We proudly serve house-made baked goods, sauces, dressings, spreads, and toppings, prepared from scratch in our Mott Haven kitchen.

Hot Bread Kitchen, Harlem NY – Breads
Yellow Bell Farm, Red Hook NY – Poultry
Happy Valley Meat Co., Brooklyn NY – Red meats
Satur Farms, Cutchogue NY – Salad greens
General Cochran Farms, Amenia NY – Yogurt
Uptown Roasters, South Bronx – Coffee
TeaPigs, Brooklyn NY – Tea