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Trill Cooker x Mottley Kitchen Chef's Counter

Mottley Kitchen is excited to welcome the one and only Trill Cooker to our kitchen for a series of private dinners. Hosted at our 10 seat Chefs Counter in the kitchen, this evening-long celebration of food offers a very exclusive 'point of view' dining experience. The high-concept cuisine, an ambitious multi-course tasting menu, is a surprise every time.  Interact and visually see it all go down as you dine in front of the chefs. 

About Trill Cooker
José DeJesus is the Trillest (true/real) cooker you will ever meet. He is a dynamic, energetic, ambitious and a culinary creative/entrepreneur who relishes in his passion for simple food with exceptional technique, flavor and nostalgic memories. José turned his passion into a career by attending culinary school at the Art Institute of NYC. A Bronx native with over 13 years of experience, he now wants to bring an Urban Dining Experience to The Bronx. José prides himself in building his path as a self made Underground Chef by putting himself in positions to be seen and noticed.

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