Our Story

It's always been our dream to express our love for hospitality through food.


Started as a side project for a friend, Kat Creech began what has become Mottley Kitchen out of her apartment. With a long history in the culinary and hospitality world and the dream of owning her own cafe one day, Kat used catering to explore her own creativity. It caught on quickly as one client became many and soon she was able to take on catering full time and move from her apartment into a rented commercial kitchen space.

Fast forward three years and now she has a strong team of cooks, event planners, baristas and others supporting what is now a successful small business. Also no longer are we renting space but have a fully customized catering kitchen and soon to be cafe that we can call home. We have big plans for the future as we continue to serve our clients, neighborhood and city.

Our vision for the future is to create a holistic community cafe and catering company by serving locally sourced and produced food with an attention to detail and upholding great service. We strive for our catering options to be healthy, seasonal and sustainable offerings that excite our clients. We desire our cafe space to act as a hub for our neighbors to relax, connect, learn and celebrate. Mottley Kitchen will not only be a cafe and catering kitchen but also a venue for special events, cooking classes, rooftop gardening, outdoor dining and more. We aim to be a reflection of our diverse neighborhood while providing exceptional inspiring hospitality to all of our clients. 


Always neighborly.
We will consistently work to support sustainability, local farmers and producers, our Mott Haven neighbors and our team members.

Exceptional hospitality.
We will consistently work to serve our guests, our catering clients, and the Mott Haven community with thoughtful care.

Never same old same.
We will create a motley business comprised of catering, cafe, and events that focus on a quarterly seasonal menu which will be always evolving.

Beauty in the natural.
We will always keep color and vibrancy at the core of our menu inspiration and create a motley of offerings from health focused nourishments to indulgent treats; virtue and vice!

Eyes on the future.
We will create a holistic community business that serves, employs, and empowers Mott Haven residents by giving them an inspiring place of nourishment and by helping our employees gain skills in the hospitality industry.